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At Las Vegas-based Elite Way CPAs, we deeply value the relationships we foster. We see each client interaction as a collaborative partnership, firmly believing that our achievements are directly tied to your successes!

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Astrid Lucas
Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants

Astrid Lucas, CPA

Astrid Lucas is a proud graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting earning her CPA a few years after. 

Committed to the success of businesses in her community, Astrid held tax and accounting roles across the Valley prior to starting her own firm 7 years go. Her career in accounting started 15 years ago working for medium to large size firms and specializing in analysis of business and high net worth taxation. She has worked with businesses that started from the ground level to building a net worth of over a hundred million dollars and up.

In all of her roles, Astrid has worked closely with countless business-owners and entrepreneurs with one goal in mind: to ensure that her clients met their short and long term goals . Now a veteran in her field, Astrid has gathered a wealth of experience that spans across comprehensive tax structuring and planning, international individual, corporate, partnership, and nonprofit income tax returns and IRS representation.

Astrid has developed a circle Las Vegas legal and other business professionals to assist her clients with high level accounting needs, estate planning, financial advising, complex tax structuring and much more. With you and your business’ success in mind, Astrid is committed to serving as your trusted tax and business advisor and long term partner.

Currently Astrid is furthering her education by completing her Masters in Accounting Spring of 2024 because she understands the importance of learning and growing for the benefit of her client.

Mission, Vision and Value Statement

At Elite Way CPAs, we stand by our mission, vision and value statements.



At Elite Way CPAs, our primary goal is to offer top-notch accounting services that are both affordable and prompt, with an unwavering emphasis on outstanding client care. At the core of our business is a commitment to exceptional service



Elite Way CPAs aspires to be synonymous with excellence in every aspect of our work. Our aim is to consistantly maintain a stellar reputation by meeting or surpassing the needs and expectations of our clients, as their satisfaction is the true benchmark of our success.



Elite Way CPAs is anchored in the core values of Integrity, Commitment, Lifelong Learning, Innovation, and Teamwork. At the forefront is Integrity, ensuring we remain genuine to our principles. We stand by our words and actions, ensuring congruence between what we promise and what we deliver. Our commitment runs deep, with our clients’ success being the yardstick for Elite Way CPAs’ triumph.

In today’s swiftly evolving world, we recognize the need for relentless learning and agility to best serve our clients. Embracing Innovation is not just a value; it’s a necessity for refining our practices to stay ahead and remain impactful.

Our belief in Teamwork underscores the notion that collective efforts, harnessing the diverse strengths and expertise of our team, can achieve outcomes that far surpass individual endeavors.

Upfront Client Interview and Engagement

We believe that selecting an accounting professional is a very personal choice. The accountant you will select will have a window into your finances. That’s why every client engagement starts with either an initial assessment of your business and/or individual financial situation to structure the right relationship going forward and to ensure we are the right fit for your needs.

Ongoing Assistance

Our client engagements are structured as on-going or annual programs, not one-off transactions. Why? Accounting clients like that we’re contributing to their business all year long, so that they can avoid the end-of-year panic most people associate with accounting.

Regular Contact

We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on understanding your business and/or financial goals and we go out of our way to communicate all of our solutions clearly. To ensure that we’re always up-to-speed on the changes taking place in your business and/or finances, we require clients meet with us at least twice per year.

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